Dr. Sarah Manchak, PhD.

Title: Associate Professor
Tel: 513-556-1782
Email: sarah.manchak@uc.edu
Facebook: Sarah Manchak Impact Lab

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General Information

We are committed to helping agencies implement evidence-based practices and policies. To this end, we would be happy to offer consultation, training, and evaluation services for projects that impact individuals with mental illness, substance use, and/or who are involved in the criminal justice system. Please email Sarah Manchak directly for more information.

Letters of Recommendation

If you wish for Dr. Manchak to write you a letter of recommendation for a graduate program or job, please send her an email request which includes the following information:

1- Full list of recipients that must receive the letter (e.g., all schools you are applying to) and how the letter must be submitted (e.g., electronic submission, email, hard copy)

2- Deadlines for submission

3- A copy of your CV/resume and personal statement (if you do not have a personal statement, please include a 1-paragraph summary of why you want to go to grad school or why you want that job)

4- Any relevant specific information you want me to know (e.g., "this is my #1 choice" and why)

*Please note that these letters take time to write. As such, you need to give at least 3-4 weeks advanced notice before the anticipated due date.