Our lab and associated UC student and faculty partners are a community of forward-thinking and open-minded scholars across a variety of personal and educational backgrounds. We support a culture of inclusion and celebrate diversity in all forms. We welcome collaborators of all ages, races, creeds, and genders because we believe that our differences make us stronger, smarter, and uniquely situated to create a more restorative and rehabilitative criminal justice system.

All members of the CJ IMPACT Lab stand united in our condemnation of any form of hate against or intolerance of any marginalized group. More specifically, we recognize that there are many systemic practices within the criminal justice system that are grounded, in particular, in racist ideology and history and that continue to directly or indirectly facilitate a culture of racism that manifests through disproportionate targeting, disenfranchising, and physically, psychologically, financially, and socially harming Blacks and other People of Color. Our lab members pledge to actively inform ourselves about ongoing examples of institutionalized racism in our society and in our criminal justice system. We strive to incorporate an awareness of this contextual backdrop in our various research projects, and we vow to always consider the implications of our research for People and Communities of Color.

Moving forward, we endeavor to conduct more studies that explicitly assess the experiences of Black individuals and other People of Color within the criminal justice system. If you have suggestions for projects that support these goals, or if you or your agency is in need of research assistance to help facilitate improvements in equity, diversity, and inclusion, please feel free to contact us.